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Many youth come from treatment programs that have been structured and time limited; with the agenda originating from the therapists, much like the initial sex offender program within the Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program. The youth’s task in their previous programs was to learn from the agenda already in place. The Relapse Prevention Program differs from primary sex offender programs in that it is unstructured and time unlimited. The Relapse Prevention Program requires the youth to take an interest in their own progress and create the agenda for their final stage of treatment. Ultimately, this program is about self improvement and utilizing skills and knowledge they have already acquired. This is an advanced stage of treatment, which is why successful completion from primary sex offender treatment is a pre-requisite. 

The responsibility of progress falls on the youth. It usually takes youth a transition period to adjust to this approach to treatment; however, most adjust well and begin to understand that the group is for their benefit and that they must take some ownership in their treatment.

Goals for successful completion:

The most typical question when a youth enters the Relapse Prevention Program is how they achieve successful completion. Following is a list of objectives for the youth, but each youth will establish individualized goals based on their situation.

  • Have an honest and invested approach to improving their lives and using their strengths. Youth who misrepresent themselves (or lie) in group about their activities or intentions are typically in the program longer. 

  • Be able to discuss their safety and relapse prevention plans for inappropriate sexual behavior as well as other delinquent behaviors.

  • Identify productive short and long term goals, such as education, vocational or independent living. Be able to achieve and maintain their goals for a consistent period of time (several months).

  • Discuss and share personal information regarding their patterns in relationships. An objective for each youth is to be aware of their behaviors in relationships and attempt to achieve healthy relationships. 

  • When a youth has demonstrated the above goals for a consistent period of time and has accomplished their individualized goals, they are encouraged to spend about 15-20 minutes talking with a primary sex offender group about their experience in treatment and how they have improved their life since their initial sexual offense. This is an opportunity for the youth to consolidate their treatment. 

The Relapse Prevention Program is designed for youth who have completed a primary sex offender treatment program. This group meets on a bi-weekly basis and focuses on the youths’ current functioning in the community. The Relapse Prevention Program provides the youth an opportunity to process and discuss how he is applying the skills learned in previous sex offender programming.

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