Dr. Christina Diorio, PH.D.

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Christina Diorio, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and families. She has provided comprehensive therapeutic services for individuals ranging from ages five through adulthood. Dr. Diorio’s approach is upbeat and solution focused. She strives to co-create treatment goals with her patients so that they achieve a better quality of life. 

Dr. Diorio has specialized training in working with individuals that have displayed inappropriate sexual behaviors. This may include providing consultation, direct treatment services and/or assessments. Dr. Diorio is the founder and director of the Alternatives to Sexual Assault Program. Dr. Diorio is also one of the founder’s of Family Options Counseling. She is committed to the success of Family Options by creating effective, positive change in the families receiving services as well as a by creating a healthy work environment for the Family Options team of professionals.

Dr. Kimberly Young, PH.D.

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Kimberly Young, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents and their families. Dr. Young has a wide range of experiences as an educator, school psychologist, and psychotherapist with an emphasis in serving the needs of children and adolescents with emotional and learning problems. Using a positive psychological approach to treatment, she empowers children and their families to achieve goals toward making healthier life choices.

Dr. Young specializes in working with a variety of concerns including developmental delays, anger management, behavioral control problems, involvement in risk-taking behaviors, and with adolescent sex offenders. She is the founder of the ASAP-PLUS program, Girls Pride, and the Choices anger management programs. Dr. Young is the program director for ASAP-PLUS, Girls Pride, the Choices anger management programs, and New Directions. Dr. Young is also a co-founder of Family Options Counseling.

Ms. Kristy White

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Ms. Kristy White is the Office Manager for Family Options Counseling. Ms. White will greet clients as they enter Family Options and assist them in any way she can. She will follow through with phone calls from clients and handle billing procedures. Ms. White has had experience working with children and adolescents during an internship she completed at Family Options Counseling. She will either answer your questions or send you to the person who can.  

Dr. Inosencia Amarante, Ph.D., L.P.C.

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Dr. Inosencia Amarante is a Spanish bi-lingual Licensed Professional Counselor who comes to the Family Options Counseling team with experience conducting individual and group therapy in university, community, and correctional settings. She received her Doctorate Degree in Educational Psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The clientele with whom Dr. Amarante has worked with have struggled with an array of mental health and AODA issues. Dr. Amarante has worked with clients in the Midwest and on the East Coast and has developed multicultural competencies that have afforded precise treatment planning and powerful treatment outcomes. She has served as a keynote speaker and lecturer at various Universities within the Midwest and East Coast regions while empowering her audience to succeed in the face of adversity, understand rehabilitative tools for at-risk youth, and focusing on career decision making strategies for the college population. Dr. Amarante subscribes to a holistic client informed approach to treatment. Her treatment approach centers on Person-Centered, Existential, Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing and Trauma Informed Care while also utilizing other treatment modalities that target client presenting problems and treatment goals.

Ms. Angela Luehring, L.P.C.

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Ms. Angela Luehring is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Family Options Counseling. She received her Master’s degree in the Community Counseling Program at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee. Ms. Luehring has completed an additional 90 hours of trauma education and has a Certificate of Completion in Trauma Counseling. She has also completed and is certified in Aggression Replacement Training, ART. Ms. Luehring currently works with children, adults, and families and provides individual, family, and group (ASAP & Social Skills for Kids) therapy. Her primary focus is sex offense specific treatment with juvenile offenders including the family restoration process along with treating victims of abuse/trauma. Ms. Luehring takes a behavioral approach to treatment but believes that treatment is unique to the individual incorporating a variety of treatment options.

Dr. Hinhpalom A. Phouybanhdyt, PH.D.

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Dr. Hinhpalom A. Phouybanhdyt (Phew-bahn-dit) received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and his master’s and doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As a part of his master’s and doctoral training, Dr. Phouybanhdyt has worked at University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Counseling and Consultation Services and Dane County of Mental Health Center providing comprehensive mental health and substance abuse/dependence treatment. Dr. Phouybanhdyt has also worked at Ethan Allen School for Boys and Southern Oaks Girls School and treated troubled adolescent boys and girls that were involved with the juvenile justice system for behavioral issues, legal issues, and sexual offenses.

Dr. Phouybanhdyt specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families addressing issues of neglect, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. He also has clinical experiences addressing a variety of concerns including depression and other mood disorders, suicidal ideation, anxiety disorders (including posttraumatic stress disorder, PTSD), substance abuse/dependence, impulsivity/aggression/anger issues, attachment/oppositional defiant/conduct disorders, relationship and family dynamics, and grief. In addition, Dr. Phouybanhdyt has extensive experiences in working with Southeast Asian populations.

With regards to psychological approaches, Dr. Phouybanhdyt utilizes interpersonal process, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and family systems. Incorporating these approaches allows Dr. Phouybanhdyt to comprehensively understand the client’s presenting problems and achieve positive therapeutic outcomes with his clients.

Ms. Lisa Schon, L.P.C.

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Ms. Lisa Schon is a licensed professional counselor who has over 14 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison and her Master of Science degree in community counseling at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Ms. Schon worked for 10 years with children and adolescents struggling with behavioral and mental health needs. She has extensive experience in working with children that have depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, oppositional and conduct disorders, cognitive disorders and trauma. Ms. Schon has also spent over 4 years working as a case manager with adults and children, assisting people in identifying their needs and connecting with appropriate community mental health services. Ms. Schon often uses a multimodal approach to treatment, recognizing that the type of treatment utilized depends largely on the patient and presenting problem. Ms. Schon has experience in play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, person centered therapy, solution focused therapy, trauma informed care and motivational interviewing. Ms. Schon believes each individual is unique and capable of becoming their best self.

Clinicians in Training:

Ms Aziza Daher LPC-IT

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Ms. Aziza Daher M.S LPC-IT. She received her bachelor degree from UW-Parksise in Psychology and her Masters in Community Psychology from Alverno College. As a therapist Ms. Daher primary goal is to provide her clients with a safe, secure and non-judgmental environment. A place where they are able to identify their goals and unique strengths, in order to achieve personal growth and lead a happy and more fulfilling life.

Ms Kristina Dones LPC-IT

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Ms. Kristina Dones M.S., LPC-IT graduated from Carroll University (Waukesha) with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She continued her education at Concordia University - Wisconsin and was awarded her masters degree in professional community counseling. Ms. Dones has worked with children as a mentor during her undergraduate internship at La Casa de Esperanza (Waukesha) where she served 60+ at-risk youth. Ms. Dones completed a separate internship for her graduate degree through Family Options Counseling. Her clinical experiences include working with children, adolescents and adults.

Ms. Dones has worked in the field, from a clinical standpoint, for the last 4 years. She has experience with high risk situations as she has previously worked at a psychiatric hospital. She has helped individuals with various disorders (including anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, etc) however, she has mostly counseled individuals with mood disorders, ADHD, Aspergers, and anxiety. Ms. Dones also has experience with families.

Ms. Dones’ approach to therapy is client-centered but also enjoys taking a more eclectic approach. She often times will use various mediums such as art, talk and play therapy.

Mr Gabe Doyle

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Mr. Gabe Doyle is a Licensed Professional Counselor – In Training (LPC-IT) at Family Options Counseling, LLC. Mr. Doyle received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University and his Master’s in Community Psychology from Alverno College. Mr. Doyle’s approach is person-centered and is rooted in the ecological framework that explores the relationship between his clients, their needs and their environmental factors. Mr. Doyle has extensive experience working with victims of violence or trauma, particularly among adolescents and their families, and currently leads a team of community health workers serving Milwaukee's most fragile neighborhoods. Mr. Doyle has worked with clients of all ages, and is skilled at a variety of therapies and multicultural approaches.

Mr Alexander Yundt LPC-IT

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Mr. Alexander C. Yundt is a Licensed Professional Counselor – In Training (LPC – IT) at Family Options Counseling, LLC. Mr. Yundt received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as his Master’s in Community Counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He has clinical experience with multicultural populations ranging in age from 6 – 55+ years old, and utilizes various therapeutic strategies in order to best help his clients. In addition, he has certifications in Trauma-Informed Care, Community Building, and Aggression Replacement Therapy. He has previously worked with individuals with autism, and those with cognitive/intellectual delays. Mr. Yundt looks forward to serving the community.


Ms. Nina Golemi

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Ms. Nina Golemi is a clinical intern with Family Options Counseling and is expected to graduate with a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling in August 2017. Ms. Golemi has experience working with children with autism and their families, adolescents, individuals in recovery, couples, and has hosted art therapy workshops. She hopes to make her specialty in trauma therapy and believes in empowering her clients through an integrative approach.

Ms. Kailie Harder

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Ms. Kailie Harder is a clinical intern with Family Options Counseling. She received her bachelor of arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in psychology and is currently pursuing her Master's of Science in Community Psychology to become a Licensed Professional Counselor at Alverno College. She has experience working with children and adolescents in a home setting. She has practiced behavioral therapy including applied behavior analysis and cognitive behavioral therapy. She emphasizes providing care through a holistic perspective that engages the individual within their system.

Ms. Kyla Wessels

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Ms. Kyla Wessels is a clinical intern at Family Options Counseling. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Community Psychology at Alverno College to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Ms. Wessels has experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families in a clinical setting, as well as within their communities. She believes that it is important to integrate community, environment, and larger influencing factors that affect people's daily lives to promote positive change, health, and empowerment at individual and systemic levels.

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