Our Vision:

Dr. Christina Diorio and Dr. Kimberly Young had a mutual goal to operate a unique, innovative mental health agency that would be a rewarding place to work and a healing place for the families receiving services. Dr. Diorio and Dr. Young have taken this goal seriously and have applied it to the daily interactions with Family Options staff and clients. 

When they partnered to accomplish this goal, they created a vision statement. It remains strong and in effect as much today as it was the day Family Options began business. 

Our vision is to bring specialized psychological care to children, adolescents, and families through a relaxed friendly environment. Whether developing new programs to meet clients’ needs or hiring new staff to expand our specialized services, this vision is our focus throughout all aspects of our practice. 

Family Options is committed to providing quality, professional, and caring services to families in South Eastern Wisconsin. Services will be based on the most current psychological knowledge and be both individualized and sensitive to our clients’ specific psychological needs. Family Options is truly invested in strengthening the families and communities of South Eastern Wisconsin.

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